What is a cheat?

A cheat is a program that adds or modifies features of the game, allowing you to access tools or capabilities usually inaccessible.
These tools allow you then to make the game easier, and to have an advantage against your opponents.

How to use a cheat?

It depends on the cheat of course. It can often run before launching the game
Otherwise the special explanations are described on the page of the cheat in question or a text file « readme » that is attached to the program when it is downloaded.

How to download a cheat?

Downloading a cheat is allowed only after entering an access code allopass.

How to get an access code allopass?

It’s very simple, the download start thanls to a secure micropayment very famous on the Internet, which is Allopass.
Simply call a phone number you get by clicking the flag of your country.
It’s a voice server that gives you the access code.
Once done, you finally got to the download page .

Cheat downloaded is a rar file, what can i do?

A .rar or .zip file, is a compressed file.
You need a decompression program to extract the program and all related files it needs.
You can easily find a free decompression software (Windows itself does directly dependent on the version you have), if not go download 7zip, it is totally free.

When I run a cheat, my antivirus goes crazy

Do not panic, this can be normal, because the cheats are programs.
So executable files called .exe
Some too sensitive antivirus detect this kind of file as potentially dangerous to run.

Are the cheats compatible on all servers?

Yes, cheats are compatible on all official servers and even private.

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